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 Expert Mole & Groundhog Removal in Wilmington


Do you need groundhog control or removal? Action Termite & Pest Control, Inc. offers professional-grade groundhog removal and exterminator services to Wilmington and the surrounding areas. A woodchuck may not look very threatening, but for parks, lawns and fields, these fuzzy little creatures can spell disaster. A whistle pig was made to dig, and it can leave behind a trail of burrows under your deck or in schools and yards. If you have horses or other animals, they can trip and break their legs over these burrows. Plus, whistle pigs can really ruin a garden. Luckily, we are trained and experienced with pest control and can remove the nuisance from your yard.

Humane Animal Control Specialists

To get rid of moles, you cannot simply block off one tunnel or another – the animals will simply dig their burrows again. Instead, let our professionals help you with mole control. A typical mole treatment involves a few single catch traps, which snap shut after the animal is safely inside the cage. Next, our professionals will remove it from your premises and give it to the proper authorities. This trap is humane and even uses natural ingredients, like cantaloupe, vanilla extract and strawberries, as bait for the critter.

Serving Brunswick County, Including the Hampstead & Wrightsville Beach Area

Action Termite & Pest Control, Inc. currently offers groundhog and mole treatments in the Wilmington, Hampstead, Wrightsville Beach, Pender County, Southport and New Hanover County areas. Our professionals can also provide advice regarding the prevention of future pests and termites. Additionally, we deal with a broad range of other wildlife services, including snake removal. Getting rid of your pests won’t be a hassle with our help. Call 910-799-9982 to talk to a professional about humane removal today!

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